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    The small wireless Foot Switch is the control and activation unit for the tattoo machine. It has an activation button, LEDs that indicate respectively the battery charge level, the activation of the charge function, the remaining charge level and the power on status, moreover it is equipped with two connectors one for charging and the second for the cable operation if the bluetooth connection is compromised.

    The Foot Switch has a pressure sensor which, if pressed, communicates with the control unit via bluetooth and activates the machines. Operating modes and pressure sensitivity can be set on the control unit. The pressure sensitivity setting ensures greater comfort during use.


    Color: Black

    Technical Data
    BlackOverLab Tattoo Foot Switch


    Power input
    Power consumptions
    <13mA (switched on and connected) <2mA (power off) up to 1A (in recharge)
    Wired Connections
    Mini USB
    Micro USB Type B (for recharge)
    Wireless Connections
    BLE (bluetooth low energy) 4.1
    Battery charge duration
    Up to 100 hours of continuous use
    Charging time
    Min 90 min with 1A charger
    Maximum load
    Operating temperature
    -40° … +45°
    Relative Humidity
    30% … 75%
    120 g
    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    51 x 89 x 22 mm


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