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The Control Unit is the new Power Unit for Tattoo Professionals. Compact, handy and technological, it’s designed to control all types of tattoo machines available on the market. It allows to connect up to three machines at the very same time – two rotary and one coil or three rotary – guarantees the operation of one machine at a time.

Through the fast feedback hardware technology with software control you will be able to draw on the desired voltage, with precise response and control in any condition of use.

The Control Unit improves the performance of every tattoo machine and provides uniform power at any voltage. In particular for rotary machines are possible to drive both in the voltage and in PWM which allows, even at low speeds, to maintain a constant force. Regarding coil machines, a voltage self-regulation tool have been introduced. In which shows a graph showing the instantaneous consumption and a parameter (E-DETUNE) which indicates the percentage of deviation of the correct tuning.


Color: Black, Red

  • Compatible with all machines
  • Fast feedback hardware technology
  • Power output with low ripple
  • Current output 6A (rms) , 8A (peak)
  • Color graphic touch display to interact with tools and all control sections
  • Double control mode voltage and pwm for rotary machines
  • V Step voltage adjustment with feedback for rotary machines
  • Auto tuning for coil machines
  • E-detune for coil machines
  • Power imput bypass for other devices
  • USB-a power output
  • Colour and touch display
  • 6 preset for each tattoo machine output
  • Timer to monitor real time and total usage
  • Intuitive interface
  • Visual themes of your choice
  • More features with next firmware upgrade
Technical Data
BlackOverLab Tattoo Power Unit
Power input
24V 5A
Power consumptions
<60mA (standby) <20mA (power off)
Output voltage (machines)
2 … 18 volt DC (low ripple)
Voltage regulation (machines)
0.1V with feedback
Current output (machines)
RMS 6A pick 8A
Output voltage (aux output)
Current output (aux output)
Output voltage (standard USB)
Current output (USB Type A)
Machine compatibility
All the machines by cable, BlackOverLab’s machines wireless and by cable
LCD touch 4.3in 480×272 px
Wired Connections
3 Jack Connector 3.5mm
1 Revol Connector
1 USB Type A
1 Micro USB Type B
1 Mini USB
1 Micro-SD
Wireless Connections
BLE (bluetooth low energy) 4.1 2402MHz – 2480MHz maximum power less than 10mW
6 PRESET for each machine
Footswitch mode
Coil machines available
Power output mode
Voltage or PWM (only for rotary machines)
Start-up pulse
Enabled for rotary machines
Operating temperature
-40° … +45°
Relative Humidity
30% … 75%
350 g
Dimensions (W x H x D)
79 x 132 x 25 mm

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Weight 1 kg

Silver, Black, Red


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